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When you go through a divorce, your attorney should aggressively pursue your interests and goals—but at the same time be sensitive to the emotions and changes divorce creates. Menn Law’s divorce attorneys have the experience, expertise, and insight necessary to make the process as painless as possible, and to handle all of the issues that develop in your divorce or legal separation, including:

  • Child custody and placement
  • Life insurance issues
  • Child support
  • Tax consequences
  • Paternity
  • Restraining orders
  • Maintenance (also known as alimony)
  • Validity of premarital agreements
  • Health insurance issues
  • Post-divorce matters
  • Property division


Crowded court calendars and lengthy legal disputes do not have to be the norm. Increasingly, parties involved in a divorce are opting for mediation or collaborative divorce to resolve their differences.

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Collaborative Divorce

The majority of Wisconsin judges recommend using mediation as a method of dispute resolution. Many order ADR in certain cases. In this arrangement, both parties agree to use a cooperative approach in dissolving their marriage. The parties and their lawyers pledge in writing to resolve all issues without going to court and the mediator serves as liaison to develop consensus. Additionally, mediation helps the divorcing couple to maintain respect, protect their children and make a more peaceful transition to a new life.