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Family Law

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When your family is involved in a divorce, child custody or personal legal matters, complicated issues can often become emotional. Menn Law family practice attorneys have experience in providing clients trusted, well-reasoned advice to protect your rights and your family. Some of the services we offer:


Protecting your interests, both financial and emotional, as well as the children’s well-being, is foremost in our attorneys’ minds. Much of our family law work represents parties in traditional divorce actions. These range from simpler divorce actions to those with complicated financial and child custody issues. In addition Menn Law attorneys can provide counsel in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Divorce.


Menn Law attorneys can help establish legal custody, placement, and support for children of parents who are not currently married and do not plan to marry in the future.


Harassment: We can help you defend yourself against repeated harassing phone calls, intimidation, threats, etc. Menn Law attorneys will file paperwork for a temporary injunction and restraining order and represent you at the court hearing.

Domestic Abuse: Menn Law attorneys will refer you to a safe, local support center that specializes in support and guidance for victims of domestic abuse. We will help you obtain a temporary restraining order against the perpetrator, and appear in court at the hearing.


Menn Law attorneys can assist you with adoptions by step-parents. They can also help with the associated termination of parental rights action that is often required before the step-parent adoption can be completed. It is helpful to have an experienced lawyer to handle the paperwork and manage timing throughout the entire adoption process.

GUARDIANSHIP (minor children & adults)

When both parents of a child have died or if one or both parents are found to be incompetent or unavailable to parent, guardianship can be determined with help from Menn Law attorneys. In situations where adults are unable to care for and/or make decisions for themselves, Menn Law attorneys will assist the family in determining how to provide for their loved one’s needs, physically and financially.


Menn Law attorneys are experienced in drafting premarital agreements to protect the interests of a client in the event the marriage terminates because of death, divorce, or legal separation.