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Insurance Defense

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For years, Menn Law attorneys have protected the interests of insurance companies and their customers thanks to our astute team of trial-tested attorneys.

Menn Law Firm has a strong record of success in the defense of liability claims, primarily because of the insights and expertise gained from years working in insurance defense. Our familiarity with the judges and plaintiffs’ attorneys throughout northeast Wisconsin helps us predict paths the case might take. Menn Law Firm’s reputation is an indication to the plaintiff’s attorney of the level of defense they’ll encounter throughout the case.

In addition to protecting the interests of insurance companies, Menn Law Firm attorneys also protect the insured from personal liability. We work efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve a fair settlement in every case, while remaining thoroughly prepared to prove the case at trial if an impasse is reached.


Menn Law attorneys have experience in areas crucial to successfully defending insurance companies.

  • Auto liability cases
  • Premises liability
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Product liability cases
  • Employment practices liability cases
  • Environmental cases
  • Tort Claims Act cases
  • Toxic tort cases
  • Worker’s compensation cases