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History of Menn Law

Menn Law Firm, Ltd. traces its roots to 1926, when two young lawyers, Homer H. Benton and Alfred C. Bosser, formed a partnership. Benton and Bosser realized that in England, attorneys were divided into two groups: Barristers (trial attorneys) and Solicitors (business and personal attorneys). Benton and Bosser realized that this type of specialized arrangement would provide their clients with the best service, and their vision was to create a preeminent law firm in Appleton with one group of attorneys concentrating on litigation, and one group of attorneys concentrating on business and personal legal matters.

For 40 years, Benton & Bosser’s offices were located in downtown Appleton at 117 North Appleton Street. During that time, the firm included such notable attorneys as: Andrew W. Parnell (a future Outagamie County judge); Edgar E. Becker; David L. Fulton; Arthur P. Remley; John B. Menn; Franklin L. Nehs; and Peter S. Nelson.

When Benton and Bosser passed away, the law firm became known as Fulton, Menn & Nehs, and moved to larger offices at 222 North Oneida Street in downtown Appleton. John B. Menn headed the litigation team, and Franklin L. Nehs headed the business/estate planning team. During its 40 years at this location, the firm continued to grow, and included the following notable attorneys: David Fulton; John R. Teetaert; Philip F. Schlichting; Glenn L. Sharratt; Robert D. Bauman; Jonathan M. Menn; Guy Dutcher (a future Waushara County judge); and Nancy J. Krueger (a future Outagamie County judge, and the first female judge in the county’s history).

After Attorneys Fulton, Menn and Nehs passed away, the firm became known as Menn Law Firm, Ltd.

Alternative dispute resolution has evolved, as a way to reduce the costs of litigation. Joseph J. “Skip” Beisenstein was one of the leaders in developing this process, and is widely recognized as one of the top mediators in Wisconsin.

In 2007 the firm moved its headquarters to 2501 E. Enterprise Avenue, on the north side of Appleton, to provide better access to its growing client base. The firm is now the largest law firm headquartered in northeast Wisconsin.

In 2010, the firm acquired the practice of long time Seymour attorney Perry D. Pierre, and opened a branch office in Seymour.

In 2014, the firm affiliated with Denissen, Kranzush, Mahoney & Ewald, S.C. and opened a branch office in Green Bay. Attorney Jason Weid joined the Green Bay office in the fall of 2014.

In 2015 the firm affiliated with Coughlin & Coughlin, S.C. and Attorney Mary Coughlin began practicing out of the Appleton office

Over the years, the firm has grown and evolved, but has stayed true to the vision established by Benton and Bosser, and remains dedicated to providing its clients with timely, practical and cost effective services of the highest quality.