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Worker’s Compensation

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If you’re hurt on the job and aren’t certain if you need legal services, contact us.

When you retain the services of Menn Law, you’ll realize the full benefits of worker’s compensation such as benefits for lost wages, medical expenses, re-training fees (if necessary), and temporary or permanent disability benefits. We handle cases involving work-related injuries and illnesses, and we understand the frustration and stress an employee goes through when dealing with these situations.


Generally, most employers are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance will provide various benefits for an employee’s work-related injuries and/or illnesses.

No matter who was responsible for the accident—the employer or the employee—worker’s compensation benefits provide benefits for workers and their families.

Our attorneys will help you evaluate your case to get the most cost effective result. We know how to accurately calculate what a fair claim should be, always keeping you and your needs in mind.